Sunday, October 09 2016

With the rise of social media comes new platforms to market your products or business. Influencer marketing is a fairly new marketing strategy that may be of interest to your small business! Here’s what you need to know about influencer marketing and how to target influencers themselves!


  • Influencers are key individuals who have a large following in their specified industry. They have an especially large following on social media, thus making it attractive to businesses to want to get their product on those influencer’s social media platforms.


  • Influencers are not only a word-of-mouth type of recommendation but when consumers visually see your product on their Instagram it doesn’t feel like an advertisement. The last thing you want to go backwards to the age of traditional paid advertising. While this is still another form of that, influencer marketing is done in a way that feels 100% real to consumers. Hint: that’s exactly what they’re looking for!


  • People trust the influencers they follow. By targeting these influencers and getting to believe in your brand they will, in turn, get consumers to believe in your brand. Before you know it, people will be thinking your business or brand is the next best thing they need to get their hands on.


  • How to get people to believe in your brand on social media? Post relevant content regularly. We’re talking about content that people in your industry or niche can’t wait to read or hit that like button! You also need to build brand interaction and trust by communicating with your own followers and consumers! If you don’t have time to do all this, we can help you! Our social media writers are experts at growing all different social platforms!


  • You want to find influencers or personalities that your consumers already follow and trust. By honing in on your niche and the most influential people in that market (fashion, fitness, makeup, etc.) you will quickly find where your consumers are and what they like.