Saturday, October 01 2016

As a businessman (or woman) who is trying to grow their brand, social media is so important! You’re trying to grow your following and become a recognizable face, but you’re still looking for that one secret to success right? Good news: you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the details on how to become a recognized brand on social media so people will refer you and keep coming back!



First things first: the face and design of your brand or business should be consistent across all platforms. That means the profile pictures you use should be the same on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The same goes for the color schemes you use, or at least the types of colors you’re using in pictures and posts (bright vs. dark and bold). Brand recognition will come from users who start seeing the same pictures and type of content when they’re browsing Instagram and Twitter. Furthermore, they will trust your business and keep returning!



The second and super important ingredient to being recognizable on social media is putting out content consistently. Not only is putting out content on a regular basis important (we can help you out with that!) but talking about things in your field or niche is what makes you recognizable as a business or brand. If you’re mainly a travel blogger, it doesn’t make sense for you to suddenly dedicate an entire post to food. What keeps readers and potential customers coming back to your business is the fact that they rely on the specific content you put out.  If you’re having trouble coming up with content to put out on a regular basis, we can help with that! Our experts can craft amazing content for your business that molds with the brand you’ve built! Check out our store today